Kefir Tea - Siam Kefir

  • Lemon & Ginger Kefir Tea
  • Peppermint Kefir Tea
  • Tropical Fruit Kefir Tea
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Reference: SK-KT-001
  • Siam Kefir
  • Kefir Tea available in Lemon & Ginger, Peppermint and Tropical Fruit flavours.
  • Siam Kefir is a, non-alcoholic, craft brewery of premium quality kefir products. Our kefir tea is made from natural ingredients from local plantations in Thailand, brewed to perfection without any preservatives or additives. Our beverages are made with a wide verity of fruits and teas, including lemon, lime, ginger, strawberry, peppermint, lemongrass and Chiang Mai mixed fruits. Kefir and Kombucha drinks have been found to be highly probiotic and contain lots of health nutrients that can compliment a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Kefir Tea: Tibicos grains, commonly known as ‘Water Kefir’, are naturally occurring symbiotic cultures found on the Opuntia cactus in Mexico. Tibicos grains are used to ferment flavoured beverages by converting sugar to carbon dioxide, giving the drink its naturally carbonated, fizzy, properties.