Drinks & Snacks

  • Hyper Tonic Creatine Drink

    Hyper Tonic - Creatine Drink

    • Hyper Tonic.
    • Orange flavoured creatine drink.
    • 300ml sports drink.

    Price: 30
    Reference: SK-HT-001
  • Musashi High Protein Bar

    High Protein bar (45g) - Musashi

    • Post training recovery or convenient protein boost.
    • Great tasting with 45g of protein.
    • Only 3g of carbs per 90g bar.

    Price: 150
    Reference: MUSAS-001
  • Pocari Sweat

    Pocari Sweat

    • Replaces electrolytes and water lost through sweat.
    • Has the closest components to body fluids.
    • NO artificial coloring, caffeine or preservatives.

    Price: 30
    Reference: POCARI-001
  •  Squirrels Basket Fit-Balls


    • Great snack in a zip lock bag
    • No added sugars
    • Gluten-free

    Price: 180
    Reference: FITBALLS