Castra Gym Blog 2020

Team Castra Muay Thai – SCC Stadium 

Muay Thai Stadium Pattaya
Another KO win for team Castra at this event. The last event of the year and a great night out. Everyone won their fights and had a fantastic night. Big thanks to Ramba Somdet and the gang for the coaching. 

Banterlona FC

Banterlona FC
Best of luck to Team Banterlona FC for their upcoming games. Rockin the gym Yak for good luck and super power.

Muay Thai - Big Money Fight Night  

Muay Thai Fight Night 2022
23 ธันวาคม ส่งท้ายปี63 ที่พัทยา คู่เอก 23 Dec, champ fight คาสต้ายิมพัทยา ฟิตเนส, โยคะ, มวยไทย, ฟิตคลาส ซ.เขาตาโล. 
Big money fight night, another big win for team Castra.