Castra Gym Blog 2015

Importing Gym Equipment from USA

Gym Equipment Import USA
One of the biggest pains in the butt about owning a gym is moving gym equipment, especially when you have to bring it from halfway across the world. This container arrived late at night, with about 5 minutes warning.  We gathered the troops and manhandled lots of new gym swag into the gym. A few cuts and bruises but we managed to get everything ready for the next morning. This would not be the last shipment, we’d have new gear arriving pretty much every year. Moving the equipment is more of a workout that actually using the stuff! 

Gym Dogs!

Gym Dogs
If you ever get asked to fill a full length heavy-bag, just say no. It takes a huge amount of cloth, all of which needs to be cut into little pieces so that the bags fill evenly. Fortunately, we had the devil dogs here to help. Lots of full ripping up old clothes that we’d been scrounging from everyone.