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ENSO Whey Protien Isolate

ENSO Whey contains a mixture of Probiotics and Prebiotics. It contributes to the regular maintenance of the digestive system, stimulates digestion, helps reduce bloated stomach after taking whey protein. ENSO Whey contains less than 1% lactose, which can be more tolerable for lactose intolerant people. ENSO Whey comes in 3lbs tubs (39 servings), offering 27-29g of protein per scoop. Available in Dark Chocolate, Vanila and Original unflavoured. 

Gym Updates - Oct-2023

Lots of changes coming to the gym over the next few months. We are expanding our building to set up a new open-workout area and HIIT equipment. We are also adding new machines to the main gym area, including chest, back, abs and leg machines. There are more boxing heavy-bags available in two different training rooms and lots of open space for full body workouts. The rest of the new equipment will be getting delivered in November.